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Welcome to the home of LED Lighting Australia. LED Lighting Australia is a design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution company whose aim is to deliver the latest technology and highest quality products to the market. We offer custom designs and solutions to the retail, commercial and public sector and will be ehancing our offering to the general public with our current 10W downlight prototype which is less than a couple of months away. Our Downlights are ideal for homes and commercial properties and offer many advantages over conventional lighting methods. Because we design and engineer our products we've taken out the leg work in delivering a top quality product to market and stand by the quality ensuring we meet our customers expectations. Sign up to our newsletter to keep updated and gain access to exclusive offers.

The future of lighting is transforming homes, gardens, architectural spaces, cars and boats. LED lighting provides key advantages over conventional lighting technologies; their high efficiency with extremely low energy consumption, LED lights can last tens of years longer than standard lights making them ideal for harder to access areas such as high ceilings, outdoor areas, buildings, signs etc.. Emergency lighting, General lighting and Decorative lighting needs are all covered with LED lighting modules. The vast array of colours available make LED Lighting the future of interior design.

Coming soon are our
10W Downlights
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Our downlight utilizes Cree Technology


  • Very Low energy consumption & Low wattage
  • Extremely long life - Over 25 Years
  • Smallest dimensions provide design flexibility
  • Lowest early failure rate gives you the highest reliability & lowest maintenance
  • No UV or Infrared radiation
  • High shock resistance & colour efficiency

LED lighting products are very attractive to interior designers, property developers, consumers and architects. Their long life and low energy requirements make them the greenest, most eco-friendly lighting solution which will also save you money over time. LED-lighting.com.au is constantly designing and testing led downlights using the latest technology high power LEDs and are committed to delivering the highest quality LED Lights set to revolutionise the lighting industry. Bookmark our site and sign up for our newsletter to discover the latest products we have to offer.


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